A guide about surf clubs in Gold Coast

Discovering charismatic surf clubs in the Gold Coast is the aim of most surfers who desire a nice time. These numerous surf club Gold Coast are known for their beautiful sandy beaches, great theme parks and a nice cultural ambience. Let’s discuss the plethora of serfs clubs on the Gold Coast and why it will be nice to visit them.

Top surfs clubs in Gold Coast

Here are some amazing picks of surf clubs in Gold Coast.

Greenmount Beach surf club

When you find yourself at the Greenmount Surf club, you are assured to have a great time. There are reliable surf report Gold Coast statistics which you can use to ensure you get the best out of the experience.

Currumbin Beach Vikings surf club

This is a blissful and serene beach with many spots where surfers can have a nice time. It was recently renovated so that surfers can have an excellent time with their surfborads. You can have different sea gold and enjoy nightlife.

Club Talle Surf club

For individuals who want to visit Palm Beach, this is a suitable surf club to visit. It has a tranquil and down-to-earth environment for everyone. Using the surf forecast Gold Coast will give great highlights of this surf clubs. You will always have special meals like the Wagyu beef burger. There are live shows and different promotions all the time.

Mermaid beach AEME surf club

You can find this entertaining surf clubs gold coast around the exotic hedges avenue where many wealthy people stay. They have Monday specials for people who have the chance and live bands. You also get to watch live sports on their big TV and trivia nights.

Kurrawa Surf Club

Either you are a local or foreign surfer, this nice venue is close to the sea. There are pizzas, drinks and live music. There isn’t a boring time at this surf club.

Surfers Paradise surf club

It is a 100-year-old surf club which has just been recently upgraded. This surf-forecast-gold-coast club is good to unwind from stress. Visitors are assured to experience Queensland hospitality and interact with locals. There are restaurants, bars and sporting competitions for everyone.

Southport surf lifesaving club

This is a quiet surf club which offers visitors a good view of the ocean. The club offers lunch, breakfasts and snacks for surfers before they can take a dip in the water.

Reasons to visit the surf clubs on Gold Coast

There are several reasons why visiting surf clubs in Gold Coast is recommended, they are:

Excellent Surf

The surf clubs are a good avenue where you can surf easily. You can rent some surfboards and swimming gear at the clubs. You can use a Gold Coast surf cam to view videos of the ocean. There are also live guards available in case of emergencies.

Excellent Surf
Nightlife Entertainment

Nightlife Entertainment

The nightlife at these Gold Coast surf clubs is amazing. There are various bars, pubs and restaurants where you can enjoy yourself. There are local security officers who are there to guarantee safety.

Variety of Shops

The surf clubs in Gold Coast have some affordable shopping malls where you can get anything you want. It is better to get a surf report Sunshine Coast before visiting the shops. They accept cash, credit cards and bank transfers.


Variety of Shops
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