Visiting a serene and nice beach on Gold Coast, Australia is difficult. The reasons are because there are so many surfing arenas which accept visitors yearly. Moreover, before visiting beaches, surfers should use surf report Gold Coast to make better decisions and enjoy their time.

Top beaches in Gold Coast

There are numerous great beaches you can find in Australia, Gold Coast beaches include:

South Stratford Island

This is a top beach on Gold Coast because of its excellent waves and affordable surfing shops. When it comes to surf forecast Gold Coast, this beach comes strongly recommended. However, it’s difficult to get there by the road; you will need to take a boat ride.

Burleigh Point

The Burleigh heads point remains a great surfing point on Gold Coast. It’s usually filled, especially at weekends and public holidays. You will find both amateur and professional surfers who paddle on the ocean, and you can snap some great shots there.

Rainbow Bay

It’s a beautiful surfing spot on Gold Coast. You can see snapper rocks at the northern side of this beach where professionals jump from regularly. You can get reliable surf clubs gold coast on these beaches. It’s particularly recommended for professional swimmers and surfers who want to have a great time.

South Stratford Island
Beautiful surfing spot on Gold Coast

Duranbah Beach

A very popular surfing spot on Gold Coast. Popularly known as d-bah by locals, it’s a great place to unwind when you are free. The tides are very heavy, therefore beginners should be wary of surfing in the ocean.

Surfing on Gold Coast

Getting reliable surf report Sunshine Coast is complicated. There are reliable surf reports Gold coast worth knowing when going to the surfing spots in Australia. However, surfing on Gold Coast requires knowing the necessary conditions. Here are some reports of surfing seasons on the Gold Coast:


This surfing season comes between May and August. During this time, the waves are better and there are many swimming activities. The best apparel to watch are short knockers and bum shorts. You can also use Gold Coast cam to capture excellent videos as you glide on the waters.


This is a good season because it’s warm and cool. During spring, there are many visitors in Gold Coast beaches.


Many individuals try to avoid visiting Gold Coast beaches during this period because of cold. Visitors who want to come to Gold Coast beaches should be careful when visiting during this season.

Report on Gold Coast surf

Here are some great reports when it concerns surfers visiting Gold Coast:

Beach temperatures

On Gold Coast beaches, there is an average temperature of about 16 centigrade. With the unpredictable surf report Gold Coast, deciding beach temperatures is hard. This isn’t a bad temperature for swimmers and surfers, because they can enjoy one with this temperature.

Beach swell

There are some good statistics when it comes to Gold Coast beaches, depending on the time of the year. All visitors can use the gold coast surf cam before visiting the beaches.

Map and location

Individuals should check the details of the buoy and diverse wind conditions when going to Gold Coast beaches. Check for optimal wind buoys and icons which you can cope with.

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